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About Me

Katrina. Mom, Baker, Business owner


My name is Katrina Leatherwood , I’m from a small town of Pensacola Florida. L’s Sweet treats name originates from my last name. I wanted to name my business something that would carry on for generations to come. Baking started off as a hobby, I am a sibling of three sets of twins and I’ve always been the creative one. One day my mom called me and asked if I could help her make decorative strawberries for a gender reveal party. The host loved the work I did and it just progressed from there, she ultimately asked if I could make some more for her baby shower and everyone raved about how delicious and tasty the treats were.


From that day forward people kept telling me that I should start a business. I started to venture out and try other treats such as chocolate covered pretzels, cheesecake bites, pralines, etc. This progressed into cupcakes and eventually cakes. I’m self-taught so any idea that came to mind or if I saw something I wanted to try I would get in the kitchen and execute it.  

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